Many transactions, before the parties are in a position to negotiate definitive terms, require that one or more parties be willing to disclose sensitive data. That disclosure must be limited in nature, or a party may require that the data be protected from further disclosure. Mr. Borrego provides drafting, reviewing and negotiating expertise in regard to confidentiality agreements, which limit the manner in which disclosure of data may occur, both as ‘stand-alone’ documents or embedded within the provisions of other instruments.

Occasionally, clients require advice with regard to the selection of entities in order to consummate a transaction. Mr. Borrego has provided advice with regard to the structuring, drafting, reviewing and negotiating of documents related to closely held corporations, partnerships and other entities. For several clients, Mr. Borrego has worked with estate planning and probate counsel regarding the oil and gas aspects of family limited partnerships, trusts and wills.

Clients occasionally find themselves in need of advice regarding the management and supervision of litigation or the settlement of litigation. Mr. Borrego has provided advice to clients, both as plaintiff and as defendant representative, and assistance and counsel in mediation and arbitration proceedings, and has assisted or taken the lead in preparing, reviewing or implementing settlement agreements.

On behalf of companies seeking to employ senior management or other personnel, or on behalf of individuals who are entering into employment or consulting arrangements, Mr. Borrego has advised clients in regard to the drafting, reviewing and negotiating of employment and consulting agreements.