The oil and gas industry requires large amounts of capital, and the industry has historically relied upon investors and financial institutions to supply that capital. Mr. Borrego has represented borrowers, lenders, capital providers and investors, in the drafting, reviewing and negotiating of loans secured by oil and gas production or other assets, which includes drafting, reviewing and negotiating credit and loan agreements and mortgages or like documents, or other arrangements for the provision of capital. Additionally, in conjunction with securities and other counsel, Mr. Borrego has advised clients with regard to the sale of interests in limited partnerships or other arrangements, both public and private to finance the acquisition of properties or the exploration and development of properties, including debt and equity financing arrangements between producers and pension funds, insurance companies and other institutional investors.

Occasionally, there is a need to structure or re-structure financing arrangements when a producer finds itself in financial difficulties. This has resulted in Mr. Borrego’s involvement in the drafting, reviewing and negotiating of secured and unsecured debt in the course of, or as an alternative to, insolvency proceedings, or revising debt and other instruments.