Many companies build reserves through the process of acquisitions of existing reserves or producing properties. Likewise, companies may, for strategic or other reasons, determine that the continued ownership of properties in an area no longer comports with the company’s business plans. As a result, a portion of Mr. Borrego’s practice consists of drafting, reviewing, negotiating and advising clients with regard to the acquisition and sale of oil and gas properties and energy companies, through production purchases, royalty purchases or other asset based acquisitions, as well as through merger arrangements (including recapitalizations, leveraged buyouts and exchanges of stock or partnership units), and the purchase of properties through bankruptcy and other insolvency proceedings.

The acquisition of large blocks of producing and non-producing properties requires the coordination of many different professionals, including management, financial, engineering, accounting, land, legal and risk management professionals, and the coordination of their activities. Mr. Borrego has been involved in several hundred acquisitions, and can advise not only with regard to the legal aspects of the reviews of properties, both on the purchaser and seller side, but can also advise clients with regard to the coordination of the various aspects of the acquisition or divestiture of properties, and as needed, can supervise some of the professionals in respect of review and other activities.